How do you find talent?

Post on the usual sites? Hire the neighbor’s nephew? Troll the coffee shops looking for people with laptops and wayfarers?

It just doesn’t work.

At TPI, we know what does…

As one of the top engineering and IT recruiting firms in the country, we know what it takes to find the right people for the job. Building a talent network from professionals nationwide – people with tons of skills and experience in information technology, engineering, accounting & finance and more. And not just those currently in the market. Our best prospects are currently working successfully – but might listen to a bigger, better opportunity. (Like yours!)

Taking an in-depth approach to understanding what will make you and our candidates most successful places us among the industry leaders in engineering and IT recruitment. The upfront work we do helps deliver professionals who match both your qualifications and your culture.

Thoroughly screening each candidate – knowing each one in-depth before we present the candidate to you. You’ll never waste your time on someone who doesn’t fit, or face talent shortages because filling open roles just takes too long.

We make finding talent easier.

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  • Contract consulting. Complete long- or short-term projects on time and in budget with contract professionals. Access specialized talent or take on new challenges without adding to your permanent workforce.
  • Contract-to-hire. Assess our candidates on location before extending an offer. Eliminate the risk of bad hires and ensure a perfect skill and cultural fit.
  • Direct hire. Don’t spend time searching for tough-to-find candidates. TPI’s unique sourcing method gives you access to qualified professionals nationwide.
  • VMS/MSP. Streamline your large-scale staffing functions. TPI works seamlessly with your VMS or MSP provider, rapidly scaling your workforce up or down as needed.


  • Referral programs. Our professional network connects us with in-demand passive candidates in return for generous referral bonuses.
  • Direct sourcing. Our Certified Internet Recruiters (CIR) leverage their AIRS training, conducting advanced, targeted searches to find passive candidates – and suitable active candidates – online.
  • Applicant Tracking System. Our ATS, Job Diva, allows us to effectively organize our resume database, quickly accessing candidates who match your requirements. Job Diva integrates seamlessly with most VMS systems, allowing us to quickly respond to your high-volume requests.


  • Phone screen verifies candidate’s skills, experience and interest level.
  • In-person or Skype interview ensures that the candidate is a true match and a good cultural fit.
  • Assessments are conducted to confirm the abilities and skills of technical and professional candidates.
  • Recorded video interviews allow you to view a short clip of our candidates before scheduling an in-person interview.
  • Reference checks are conducted with three or more professional references before the candidate is presented.