Recruitment challenges for professional placements come with a wide range of objectives, and consequently a high demand for qualified candidates. The recent economic whirlwind has caused many employers to turn to recruitment agencies to fill technical roles including IT, Engineering and Accounting. Formal training and high levels of experience are critical in order to fill these roles. This is because recruitment professionals who have obtained formal training in particular areas are highly skilled and experienced in specific fields and can help solve organizations’ placement issues in a highly efficient manner. 

Technical recruitment challenges for businesses revolve around finding the right candidates with not only the right skill sets but also someone who fits in with their company culture and values. Here are some of the top tips for finding qualified candidates: 

  • Work with an established and results-driven recruitment company
  • Ensure they have recruiters with a thorough understanding of the industries you are recruiting in
  • Understand the technical landscape and language of the industries 
  • Find a company that can not only align a candidate with your technical requirements, but also understands your company’s culture and values. 

An organization’s recruitment strategies have to be efficient and comprehensive to ensure they get the most precise results from their efforts. In a world where every company is now part of the rat race to become more technologically advanced, qualified technical professionals are hard to come by. Working with a specialized recruitment company will ensure that you are not pulling from the pool of talent everyone else is. They will deliver you seasoned, vetted and qualified candidates that are part of their developed network of professionals.

At TPI, we know what it takes to find the right people for technical, IT, Engineering, Finance and Accounting placements. Building a talent network from professionals nationwide – people with tons of skills and experience in information technology, engineering, accounting & finance and more, gives us the advantage of pulling professionals from a pool of talent not accessible to other competitors. And not just those currently in the market. Our best prospects are currently working successfully – but might listen to a bigger, better opportunity. 

Taking an in-depth approach to understanding what will make you and our candidates most successful places us among the industry leaders in engineering and IT recruitment. The upfront work we do helps deliver professionals who match both your qualifications and your culture.

Take the struggle out of finding the right technical professional in the never-ending battle for suitable talent. Win the war with our expertly seasoned technical professionals. 

To discuss more about our expert IT and Technical recruitment specialties, or to find a candidate that fits with your culture and requirements, please contact Matt Jordan (404) 594-8021 |

Matt Jordan, President, Tech Providers, Inc.