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Professional recruitment solutions for IT, engineering, and finance and accounting.

TPI Has Come A Long Way

When TPI opened its doors in Alabama in 1998 as Tech Providers, Inc., foremost in everyone’s mind was Y2K. Nobody knew what would happen when the clock ticked over from 1999 to 2000. After decades of casually using two-digit years in code, technical professionals suddenly realized computers might not know the difference between January 1, 1900, and January 1, 2000. With computers controlling everything from banking to healthcare and the power grid, organizations in virtually all sectors scrambled to fix the Y2K bug on a tight and immovable deadline.

Companies needed skilled technical professionals, and they needed them fast. Typical temporary staffing services providers didn’t have the expertise or network to address this critical demand. TPI stepped up to the challenge, soon establishing themselves as an IT talent and services firm businesses in the southeast could count on.

Our Firm Continues To Grow

Since then, TPI has grown to become a national contender in engineering, finance and accounting, building on our foundation as a provider of professional recruitment solutions for IT. We continue to connect employers with tough-to-find technical talent and help technical professionals find jobs that match their career goals. Now we are doing the same with professionals in engineering, finance and accounting. From our employment agency in Alabama, we help candidates throughout the U.S.

What Sets TPI Apart?


We offer a wide range of services in many different locations covering a variety of industries.


From large-volume MSP/VMS engagements to recruiting an individual for a high-impact, difficult-to-fill position, TPI is a true all-in-one solutions provider.


Based in Birmingham, AL, we work nationally from remote offices all over the country.


Our comprehensive screening methods ensure every candidate is vetted and well-qualified before presenting them to our employer partners.


Each of our services can be adapted to the individual needs of our clients or combined to create a solution tailored to their unique needs.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, efficient, and cost-effective staff augmentation services. We are dedicated to the highest level of service to our customers, consultants and employees.


TPI is proud of the recognition we have earned.

  • ProUnlimited Supplier Award Recipient 
  • Best Of Staffing Award Recipient 

Core Values

  • Be respectful 
  • Have a sense of urgency in everything we do 
  • Create meaningful relationships 
  • Be open and honest 
  • Work hard, play hard 
  • Celebrate successes 

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Information Technology


Finance And Accounting

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