It’s not often you find people in the workforce world you look forward to talking to.  Meaning, when you are looking for a job, refreshing your resume and applying for the position you hope to get, the people you talk to can be intimidating or even seem robotic.  The people at Tech Providers taught me something valuable and I intend on keeping that with me throughout my career.  I was not a robot to them and I learned to enjoy my experience with them.

I had been unemployed for a few months and the job market was not looking up.  My attitude towards finding a new job wasn’t on the positive side of things.  I was irritated, overwhelmed and I was ready to just settle and something that would just give me a paycheck every two weeks.  I didn’t want that to happen though.  I refused to settle and I wanted something more.  I wanted something that kept me on the path I was on and guide me back on track.  Tech Providers, Inc’s recruiting office contacted me one day and wanted to speak with me about what I was looking for and thought I was a great fit for a position that became available.  I was excited but also terrified because any rejection at this point would be devastating.

I spoke with a recruiter from Tech Providers on the phone one day and they completely changed my perspective of recruiters in general.  Some people find recruiters a lot like telemarketers.  A person may not be interested in what they had to say or what they were offering, but I was becoming desperate.  I listened to what the opportunity was about, what was involved and decided it could be something I would be interested in.  The longer I listened and the more the recruiter and I spoke about the role and about me, I was ready to jump in feet first and get to it.  The recruiter was nice, helpful and didn’t seem rushed or careless about what he was doing.  He was genuinely excited for me and wanted to help me get through this first step, which was the interview process.  After speaking with him, I felt positive and I felt energized.  I couldn’t wait to send him an updated copy of my resume and hear back regarding the next steps.

The process in the beginning was somewhat painless.  I say somewhat because I was nervous.  (That rejection bug wants to stink) I heard back from the recruiter fairly quickly and had already scheduled an interview on-site.  I was extremely impressed.  First, I felt like it was going too fast and I wasn’t ready for this next step, but then I had to remind myself that this is the world we live in now and he is helping me get to first base with an awesome opportunity.  Feet first, I reminded myself.  We set a date for the interview and off I went.

Before the interview the recruiter followed up with me regarding my interview prep, resume, and anything else I needed to have ready.  Then after the interview, he called with great enthusiasm and he helped me stay positive about the situation.  I was very thankful for that because being unemployed for so long and the way the job market was at the time, I feared I would lose this opportunity.

One day, I received a call.  “Congratulations!” was the first thing I heard from his mouth.  I had his number saved and I knew who it was, and we both rejoiced over the phone and he was truly happy for me.  I landed the job!

My first few days contracting for the new company, I had emails with information, phone numbers and contacts if I had questions and the transition from unemployed to employed was almost flawless.

I had many questions, and Tech Providers had the answers.  Always positive, always helpful and always respectful I felt as if I could talk to them about anything.  To me that was very important especially starting a new position, knowing I could count on them after the interview process was astounding.  I never experienced that before.  It was almost jaw dropping because I felt like I was dreaming and should have been stuck with questions, irritation and not getting anywhere.  Tech Providers again, blew my mind.

During the process of open enrollment for benefits, which by the way, their benefits are amazing; It was so easy.  Everything was completed online, benefits packages were clearly explained and if you did have a question, I always reached out to Ginger who was always such a dear and explained things so well.

I received my information quickly, reporting my hours was extremely easy and honestly during the entire time contracting under Tech Providers, INC had been a piece of cake.

Throughout my time, I was promoted to another position and Tech Providers was there to congratulate me, offer any advice and the support I received was wonderful.

With Tech Providers, Inc, you are part of their family.  Thanks to them, I had this amazing opportunity and became a full-time employee where I was contracting at.  I honestly couldn’t have done it without them.   When I told them, they were sad I wasn’t a part of their team any longer, but I know that should I need them again, they wouldn’t mind the call.

I recommend Tech Providers, Inc to anyone looking for technical or administrative work.  They will help you as they have helped me and your experience will be the same.  I will never forget them and I will always respect them.


Thank you, Tech Providers for all of the encouragement and support.  You have been amazing!

I highly recommend Tech Providers, Inc for technical or administrative work!

Thanks for your hard work in making my new job a reality!

Job Seeker

Over the years I have partnered with many firms on behalf of our clients to staff short- and long-term contract engagements. None perform or provide the quality candidates like Tech Providers. Not only are they able to supply a vast array of individuals with different skill sets, their customer service and professionalism is outstanding. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Tech Providers.

Jeffrey Zabriski, Program Manager PRO Unlimited @ EarthLink